You got engaged and are now planning your wedding… so many things to consider when making decisions.  One of them is your guest list.  You have a big family and your husband to be has a small family, both of you have long list of friends not to mention workmates.  Now you are finding things really difficult.

Here are some considerations in preparing your guest list.  It will not always be the 1st list of guests you prepared that will make it to the final wedding guest list.  Why is it so?  Well, when the couple decided to get married, everyone is excited especially the couple themselves so there will be big plans and big guest list.  But hold your fire, take deep breath and consider the following as it will help you determine how to draw up your guest list.

How much do you want to spend – It is important to know your budget as this will dictate the type of wedding  you are planning including of course the number of guests that you can invite.  If you have a big budget then there is nothing to worry about, you can invite the guests you wanted.  However, if there is limited budget them you know what this means.  You will have a limited number of guests in your list.

Who is paying – It is important to consider who is paying for the wedding.  Is it the couple themselves alone or is there help from the parents of both parties? Why this is important?  The reason is that parents paying for the wedding of their children are expecting to have a say in whom to invite.  They wanted to invite people in their own circle to impress possibly but also because they are proud that their child is getting married.  Whatever the reasons are, it is respectful when doing your guest  list to ask your parents whom they want to invite when they are paying.  The dilemma is you might not know any of these people.   It is up to you to decide if you mind this or not.  If you do, talk to your parents and discuss this issue with them and agree on a compromise – after all this is your wedding.  If the couple is paying for their wedding themselves, they can invite whoever they want as long as this is agreed between the couple.

Is there a priority listing – No matter how big or small your guests list, in my opinion, there will always be a priority listing to follow.  Of course the first in the list are the immediate family members of the couple.  This will always be the top of your list, then the extended family, best friends, the circle of friends, colleagues, etc.  If you have limited budget of course the consideration in deriving the final guest lists is “you cannot get married without these people being part of this most important event in your life.” Once you answer this, then you can add more names in your list as your budget will allow.

Agreement as a couple – the couple should make sure that they both agree on their guest lists.  After all this is both your wedding and you both want to be comfortable, happy and relaxed in the atmosphere and the people around you.  None of you would like to feel tense when you see someone unexpected  because you have not discussed and agreed the guest list.  Surely, there should be no surprises on the day of the wedding as it will be something remembered forever . . .

The most important part of preparing your wedding guest list  is to make sure that no matter how big or small your list is, you are both  at ease with everyone you have invited because you both agreed on who will be in the guest list.  Good luck!

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