This question is often asked of professional planners during consultation and the various reasons are even listed in their websites.

So why I am blogging about it?  Well, I think the ultimate reason might be missed out or not really mentioned at all.

Clients are so busy, they do not have time to plan their wedding, they want the expert advice and guidance to ensure that everything will be according to plan, etc.   There is no right and wrong answer, every reason justifies your decision.  But I think, the most important reason is . . . for the couple and their families to enjoy the wedding and be a part of the most memorable moments that their family member is creating at that very time.  They should be guests in their own event.

The couple and their parents should think about the huge responsibilities involved in planning the wedding and the amount of time it requires during the preparation before, on the event day and after the event.  Often, it is said to be 250 to 300 hours depending on the size and complexity of the wedding.

Think about this, as a couple, do you really want you immediate family missing any single minute of the memories you are creating which will never be replicated anytime ever?  Whilst you are getting married, one of your immediate family’s minds is not on the event because she is worried if the reception was ready and prepared according to the plan.  Did the florist arrive on time to decorate the venue, has the cake artist delivered the cake and it has been displayed in the correct place? . .  . so many details to worry about on the day and nobody from the couple’s parents and immediate family deserve to feel the anxiety and stress.  A family member might not think about it or they will say they do not mind at all but when they are looking at the photos or video, they will realise what they have missed and why they are not in the photos.  Quietly feeling sorry that they missed the event but of course, there is nothing you can do about it anymore and these feelings will carry on forever.  One time looking back at the photos or videos someone will ask where is your mum or your aunt or your sister?  Then all of you will remember how good and loving a relative they are and how at some point someone missed the crucial minute of the wedding.

When you are planning your wedding, make sure to weight your priorities very well.  Will you hire a professional planner or you will rely on your relatives to help?  You should also check how much money you will be saving when you hire a professional planner as with most of them, you pay a fixed amount for their service and they do not ask commission from the supplier but instead pass the discounts on to you directly.

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